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SensUs is an international, friendly competitive student competition with the participation of 19 universities from all over the world.

The mission of SensUs is to stimulate the development of biosensors in a friendly competitive manner whereby students make and design innovative biosensors.

Each year, a societally impactful indicator of health is chosen as objective in collaboration with different stakeholders.

The theme of 2020 is to develop a sensor to monitor the medication of epilepsy, which can greatly increase the quality of life of epilepsy patients. This project aims to create a quick and easy method to do this.

We are searching for students from various disciplines to create this solution together. 

Join the project!

  • Formulate a research project in the field of biosensing.
  • Learn to plan and perform biosensor experiments.
  • Learn to interpret experimental results.
  • Report research results to group members and tutors.
  • Present in front of a large audience (+/- 500 people).
  • Learn working and communicating in a multidisciplinary environment.

For more information, contact:

Professor, Winnie E. Svendsen:
Student coordinator, Bettina Hierzberger:

Visit the SensUs website.