DTU Blue Dot Ecotrophelia

The Ecotrophelia Blue Dot is about the invention and prototyping of new innovative sustainable foods.

The Blue Dot is based on a 5 ECTS points course (23552) combined with extracurricular prototyping and taking part in the Danish Ecotrophelia competition. The winners represent Denmark in the European Ecotrophelia competition.

To gain a Blue Dot Diploma, the students must invent an innovative sustainable food or drink product which can be commercialised. Together in a group, they must then make physical prototypes of the product and analyse all aspects of the business case and implementation in a commercial setting, which are detailed in a written dossier. The student must use a significant amount of extracurricular time and effort to make the case as real as possible, with considerable focus on entrepreneurship and commercialisation. Subsequently the student (in their group) must participate in the Danish Ecotrophelia competition.

There is close cooperation between the National Institute for Food at DTU and the Food lab at Sky-lab DTU and students have access to these facilities during the programme. The Ecotropohelia Blue Dot is open for participation from any student enrolled at an educational facility in Denmark, and in particular, collaboration between DTU, Copenhagen University and University of Aarhus has been sponsored by Fonden for Entrepreneurskab.

Two companies have been formed as a direct result of taking part in this programme: CheeseIt Yourself and VeganDelicious. They have had considerable further success in entrepreneurship competitions and winning grants. 

Contact person: Timothy Hobley (tjho@food.dtu.dk)