Windturbineraceren og gruppen bag

DTU Wind Racers 2020

The Wind Racer Blue Dot project is hands-on wind energy for DTU students. Here you will be part of a student team designing and building the most efficient wind turbines and wind cars.  Join to compete in international Wind Energy competitions and become a Wind Racer.

The modern large wind turbines are extreme machines requiring the best engineering skills for making the next generation design. The structural dynamics of +100m blades exposed aerodynamic loads at Formula One racecar speeds, brings the best of engineering challenges for the renewable energy transformation needed for the world. Today’s largest turbines peak at 236m diameter and 15MW of produced power, a limit soon to be challenged.

Both size and new designs are part of the solution for a clean energy future. This is an opportunity to look into the next generation wind turbine design and apply your own idea and engineering skills to produce the most energy or speed into the wind.

The Wind Racers project will attend two wind energy competitions, the international small wind turbine competition, ISWTC, and the Racing Aeolus for windcars driving against the wind.

The small wind turbines are scaled versions of modern MW wind turbines with max 2m2 rotor area, to be tested in the open jet wind tunnel at TU Delft, Holland. 

Racing Aeolus sets the challenge of driving as fast as possible into the wind in competition with 10-12 other universities. DTU has won 3 times and was the first to pass the 100% speed limit into the wind.

The windcars are designed with electric and mechanical transmission and can drive faster than the wind in direct headwind condition.


DTU Wind Energy cooperates with DTU Construct on building the wind turbines and wind cars. 


The 10 ECTS credit course 46610 sets the frame for working and designing the competitions turbines of the Wind Racers. In parallel, special courses, BSc and MSc projects can be offered/carried out. The course runs in the spring semester and summer 3 week period.



Robert Mikkelsen,

Mac Gaunaa,

Taeseong Kim,



International Small Wind Turbine Competition, ISWTC.

Racing Aeolus